How tourism and immigrants can build profitable partnerships


In times when immigration is a reality worldwide, Migraflix’s founder Jonathan Berezovsky exposed how the travel industry can help to support refugees and immigrants, during his REMOTE Talk in REMOTE Latin America Barichara 2019. The social entrepreneur explained to our community members why tourism and immigrants can build a rewarding partnership for both sides. “I believe the private sector has an opportunity and the obligation to look at the refugees and immigrants that are reaching their cities and understand how they can build win-win partnerships”, he stated.



From his experience leading Migraflix, a social startup that empowers immigrants and refugees from 30 different countries through cultural entrepreneurship and integration, he has learned how migrants have significant qualities such as entrepreneurial spirit, expertise in other languages, appreciation of their jobs and high skills. Most of all, Jonathan noticed the immigrant’s knowledge and identity with his own culture is an opportunity to offer unique and authentic experiences.



Jonathan has founded Migraflix in 2015. Since then, the NGO has developed diverse cultural entrepreneurship programs in partnership with the United Nations Refugees Agency and companies like Airbnb, Uber Eats and Facebook. One of these programs is Roots in the City, an initiative that connects tourism and immigrants, helping them to develop their own businesses and selling their activities through Airbnb Experiences.

Jonathan has received the Global Business & Interfaith Peace Award from the UN Global Compact for his work on Intercultural dialogue and, in 2017, he was selected by the University of St.Gallen, in Switzerland, as one of the 200 Leaders of Tomorrow.

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