REMOTE Seeds: a news series of short REMOTE Talks to hear our own community

Participants in the fourth edition of REMOTE Latin America, scheduled to take place in Colombia from October 21st to 24th, will have the chance to participate in the brand new REMOTE Seeds.


REMOTE Seeds are short talks, straight-to-the-point 5-minute messages that REMOTE Community members share with our audience of travel leaders. By planting these seeds, individuals give life to projects that can grow and be fruitful.

The new REMOTE Seeds will be part of the REMOTE Talks, our now traditional series of conferences featuring guest keynote speakers who present 20-30-minute non-commercial speeches about relevant themes in Latin America’s travel industry.

The plan is to open the microphone to our community’s inner voice. Representatives of the most charming small hotels and boats, passionate local experts, innovative travel designers and all other participants will have the chance to sum up an idea, a project, a personal experience or one of their company in order to inspire, inform, get support or provoke other members of this growing REMOTE family.

If you want to take part in the REMOTE Seeds in Barichara, click here to know our Terms and Conditions.

Interested in becoming a REMOTE Seed speaker? Click here and fill up the form.

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